About Me

Looks like you found my website. I suppose introductions are in order.

My name's Tristan, I'm an avid Dutch-South African software engineer. You probably either met me at an open source conference, a hackathon, a badminton session or at a roleplaying table.

If not, well, this is also a great place to "meet" me. Have a nosey!

This Website

There is not a whole lot here at the moment.

You may find the following interesting though:

  • A little web app showing off what WebGL can do in combination with the JavaScript Audio interface.

My Work

I'm interested in a variety of things in the open source world. Perhaps thanks to my pursuit of the perfect Linux desktop, this has revolved a lot around reproducible build and deployment systems for the last few years, initially starting with BuildStream back in ~2017. I gave a couple of talks on it at build meetups in the UK in subsequent years, though sadly most evidence of that appears to have disappeared.

Since then this has culminated in a strong fondness for NixOS and Nix, as its active community makes private use cases much more feasible. As such, I have a vested interest in making this community as large as possible - I post a lot on the NixOS discourse trying to help newcomers out where I can.

I also just enjoy Programming, my core languages for personal work are currently probably Rust and Python, although I have a very varied background. This is in part due to my former work as a consultant, which required new languages every few months. I have experience from JavaScript over Elm to Kotlin, but eventually I hope I might only need to write Rust ;)

If you're interested in seeing these things for yourself, visit my Gitlab and GitHub pages.